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Message From The Principal


Our department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology set out its first journey from January 1989. The students here can enjoy an unparalleled learning environment characterized by academic standards, active learning, and opportunities for self-development along with all kinds of modern amenities.

Over the past years, our department has been striving to create a unique learning spot for the students. All the dedicated faculty members we  have are relentlessly  working just to ensure that the students can  receive the quality education in a friendly environment.

A degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is not the only requirement for success but it can help the learners get their foot in the door. So, taking the fact into consideration, we have introduced the pragmatic approach to learning which is one of our commitments as well. Indeed, we firmly believe that it is hands-on experiences through which practical learning happens. So, to serve this real purpose, we have numerous opportunities for the learners to engage them in hands-on activities like industry internships, field trips, practical classes, and workshops etc. In fact, these experiences have been designed in order to bestow them with a real taste of the industries and enhance their skills and knowledge base.

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the students going ahead taking to this outstanding journey in pursuit of knowledge regarding this arena of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and I earnestly recommend that the learners continue to uphold the standards of excellence so that they can touch the golden summit of success even beyond the national border.

Professor Dr. Md. Harun-Or-Rashid
Tejgaon College, Dhaka