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Then Tourism and hospitality management department should be your first choice. Because of through this department you can become a member of the world’s fastest growing and smart sector. Already we know that this smart generation students have idea about this department. But we also know you can’t take decision that Which campus is suitable and best for you ? Then as a recent student of THM department of Tejgaon College I can say that this campus should be your first choice cz through this department you can start a journey of your dream.

Are you concern about the facilities of our department?

There are many facilities in this department like kitchen lab, bar lab , air conditioning class room , housekeeping lab, front office etc . Here every semester has viva & presentation which is develop your it skills. Through the presentation a student can gather the experience of how speak out forward the people which does help a student in future life like job and higher studies.

I know now you wants to know about seniors?

 Specially which is the mostly attract me that is the behavior of seniors , when we look at the other campuses we can find the ragging  culture and rough behavior of seniors but THM department seniors are the best seniors they are welcome you cordially.

And I know now you are thinking about teachers panel, Am I right?

The teachers panel of THM department are amazing they give you love not rude behavior, they are very helpful, when a student fall in a problem, they help. Our chairman sir Mr. Azizur Rahman is an amazing person, he is very helpful to students, and he inspires a student to do good results.

I know now you are thinking about study style method and style?

 Ok no tension I will describe you that our teachers teaching style is amazing if anything seems us difficult our teachers try to easy this topic by taking the multimedia classes.

Do you know about the success rate of THM department of Tejgaon College?

I am a student of 6th batch of THM department of Tejgaon College which is the most junior batch. Last 177th  December THM department observed the 1st graduation day of the 1st batch where you can see that the 100 Percent job holder  not only that they are doing job in many hotels like le meridian, The Westin Dhaka Renaissance. Besides they are doing job in aircraft like US Bangla, Biman Bangladesh and travel agencies etc. Our students are made for the 5 star through the internship at 5 star hotels.

Tima Tisha

6th Batch